Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth aka: third molars – the tooth number eight in the mouth. They usually the last tooth appears in the mouth and usually erupt around the late teen or early 20’s. Some of us might have all 4 wisdom teeth, some might missing 1 or 2, or the lucky one will not have any.

If growing straight, wisdom teeth are just like other teeth. However, the problem is that they often growing and coming in at an angle or horizontal. This is referred as “impacted wisdom teeth”.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe problem for bone, jaw, gum and neighbour tooth. When impacted, extraction is required. This is a very common procedure and should be done as sooner than later.
If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth or simple you are experience some dental pain in the jaw, take the first step to have a full dental check-up so that we can refer you to a specialist for appropriate treatment.

We usually will ask you to get an OPG (full mouth X-rays), OPG usually bulk billed at any radiology office.

Then we will arrange your appointment and refer you to the specialist right away.

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed or your gum and jaw are tender and sore. Please contact Me dental care to book your appointment today.