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Tooth Extraction

In most cases, it is preferable if we can save a compromised tooth rather than extract it. However, if the tooth is beyond saving – for example, if it’s cracked, or suffered significant decay – then extraction is the only option.

The benefit of extraction is that it provides immediate pain relief and often is very affordable. On the downside, extraction can affect chewing and overall jaw health as neighbouring teeth have more work to do.

Tooth extraction is generally not recommended if the affected tooth has a good chance of being restored and saved, or if missing teeth would likely cause significant problems particularly for young people.

We invite you to speak to our dental team who can provide you with recommendations that suit your particular circumstances.

Are you looking for Emergency Tooth Extraction service for immediate relief? Me Dental Care is open 7 days a week. Please contact our Patient Co-ordinator to book an appointment, or call (03) 8538-6199 during business hours.

Home Care Instructions

After a tooth is extracted a clot forms over the extraction site creating a protective layer that hastens the healing process. If this clot is removed or disturbed, the resulting “Dry Socket” can be very painful. Follow these instructions! They will help you avoid unnecessary pain and inconvenience that can occur if the clot is dislodged.

THE BIG THREE! – Three common activities that will result in “Dry Socket”.

DO NOT – 1. Smoke 2. Use a straw 3. Drink carbonated beverages

DON’T RINSE your mouth or SPIT for 24 hours.

KEEP FINGERS AND TONGUE away from the extraction site.

BLEEDING. A small amount of bleeding after an extraction is normal. If the bleeding is unusual or inconvenient, place a sterile gauze over the extraction site, bite down and hold firmly in place for 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

FOODS AND LIQUIDS. Avoid hot liquids; a light diet of soft foods is best during the first 24 hours.

SWELLING. Some swelling after an extraction is normal. Place an ice pack (frozen peas or a plastic bag or a towel filled with ice will work fine) and hold it against the swollen area for 5 minutes on and 10 minutes off for one hour.

NEXT DAY. Rinse your mouth gently with a solution of salty warm water after meals. Repeat as necessary for the next 2 or 3 days.

BONY PROJECTIONS. After a tooth is extracted, you may feel a hard splinter or edge in your mouth. This is a portion of your bone which surrounded the roots of your teeth and will generally wear away or work itself out.

ANTIBIOTICS. If antibiotics are prescribed, take all of it as prescribed even though your symptoms may improve. If symptoms other than those described occur, call our practice 03 8538 6199

BRUSHING. Brush normally around all of your other teeth to keep the bacterial count down. Avoid the extraction site with the brush. Use the rinses above to cleanse the area.

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