Teeth Whitening

Are you thinking that “I am not happy with the colour of my teeth and I want them to be whiter”? Me Dental Care can help.

Firstly, teeth discolouration is caused by a lot of factors such as diet, tobacco, or medication. Drink such as red wine, tea, coffee, soft drink (coke, colour cordial etc.) or food with strong colour such as chocolate, turmeric etc. or tobacco and antibiotic (tetracycline) contribute to your teeth losing their natural colour.

Discolouration of teeth can have a big impact on a person’s social and mental aspect. Therefore, teeth whitening has become the most popular dental treatments for many people when it comes to improving self-imagine.

There are 2 ways you can whiten your teeth:
1. In-Office whitening
2. At-home whitening

1. In-office whitening: complete at the dental practice and is tailored for your needs. It is safe, easy and effective procedure which takes usually 60 min and you can achieve an instant result.

2. At-home whitening: usually comes with customise trays of your teeth to use with formulated gel at home. The gel in at-home whitening kit has less concentrated than the one use for in-office. Therefore, this procedure can take a couple of weeks before you can see the desired results.

If you are unsure of what whitening procedure is best suitable for you, please book and appointment to speak with one of our dentists to find out the best option for teeth whitening treatment for you.