Pregnancy and Dentistry

At Me Dental Care, we understand the difficulties pregnant women are facing in caring for their oral health during pregnancy.

Why is dental care for mother and baby important?

It is crucial to look after your dental health during and after pregnancy because there may also be a link between good gum health and good birth outcomes and decay-causing bacteria can be transferred from you to your baby if you have a poor oral health.

Do I need to see my dentist during pregnancy?

Yes . Because of hormone changes during pregnancy, your dental health might need more attention during this time. For example: you might notice your gums might become sore and swollen and bleed more easily. This means that you may also need a thorough cleaning to help keep plaque and tartar from building up. You must keep your teeth and gums clean and visit your dentist regularly.

Is dental treatment safe during pregnancy?

Yes. There should be no problem with routine treatment such as check-up and teeth cleaning. If you are not sure what your treatment would involve, discuss with your dentist about treatment options.

What if I need dental X-rays?

Commonly, dentist prefer to avoid any X-rays if you are pregnant. However, if you present to a dental clinic for an emergency i.e toothache and you need root canal treatment, you may need to have X-rays.

Can Pregnancy really “damage” my teeth?

Quote: “My teeth become bad every time I am pregnant”
No, it is not true that pregnancy causes tooth problems through a lack of calcium or that you will lose one tooth for each child you have.

What about smoking and alcohol during pregnancy?

Smoking and drinking during pregnancy can impact the health of your little bub. There are many studies and researches shows that smoking and drinking can lead to low birth weight baby and also affect your unborn baby’s general and dental health. An underweight baby is more likely to have poor teeth development as the tooth enamel not being formed properly. When your baby is born, the adult teeth are already growing in the jaws.

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