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 Terms and conditions of initial no gap visit

  1. Offer valid only for the first 45 minutes appointment
  2. Initial appointment includes exam, clean and polish, intra-oral x-rays (if required).
  3. If additional works is required in the first visit it will not be included in the offer so an out of pocket charge may be incurred.
  4. Offer is subject to minimum 30% coverage of the exam cost by your PHI so for any reason if your PHI does not cover 30% of the cost some gap payments will apply. For example: if your insurance does not cover dental at all or you have used your annual limit the 30% of the total exam cost will apply as the max gap payment due.
  5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  6. Offer is valid regardless of type of private health insurance (PHI)
  7. If you do not have PHI as a new patient to Me Dental Care your initial appointment including Exam & X-rays/photos (if required) plus Scale/Clean & Polish (usual total value over $450) will be capped to $149.
  8. ONLY Gap free Scale/Clean and Polish if it is done in the initial appointment. (if exam, x-rays and treatment planning or treating the emergency pain/discomfort takes more than 45min of the initial appointment we may not have enough time for the clean in the initial appointment. In which case the normal gap payments will apply to the cleaning done in another appointment.)

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