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Do you offer finance plans?

Me Dental Care offers flexible dental payment plans for you and your whole family. We have Interest Free dental payment plans for general, cosmetic and specialist care through MySmilePlan. Click here to learn more about our Payment Plans.

What can I do to fight bad breath?

If you do not floss regularly, brush your teeth or have regular dental check-ups, this may cause bad breath. To help defeat bad breath, you may require periodontal treatment for gum disease. We also highly recommend you visit us to discuss diet and other issues that may be causing bad breath.

Can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Dramatically change the appearance of your smile with porcelain dental veneers. In comparison to traditional orthodontic treatments, they are an effective way to improve your smile with minimal downtime to help you achieve a straighter smile.

What teeth whitening solutions do you provide?

For a safe, effective and affordable way to brighten your smile, we offer professional teeth whitening completed by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Improve the appearance and colour of your teeth that will last for many years.

What happens when a dental implant fails?

If the dental implant procedure to restore your teeth fails to integrate with the bone, we have an effective and safe solution. This involves replacing it with a new one and, in most cases, this will be completed at no additional cost to the patient.

Why has my dentist recommended wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is only recommended for patients who have infected or severely damaged teeth. If they remain under the surface, they may cause further dental problems such as infection and decay.

I have private health insurance and would like to know my gap payment before starting treatment

We advise our patients to check with their health funds to see how much their cover is for General and Major dental treatments. Every health fund is different and their policies can change at any time. If you’re not sure what you’re covered for then our Patient Co-ordinator would be delighted to assist at your next appointment.